Best Remote Job Boards

Remote work is becoming more and more common, especially for jobs that can sustain it. I work remotely and although there are some trade offs (not leaving the house for days, loneliness) I wouldn’t trade it for a traditional job.

37Signal’s book, Remote, praised the virtues of Remote Work in 2013 and challenged Yahoo’s decision to bring their remote employees in to the office. The book sure sold me on remote work as well.

Global Workplace Analytics states that:

Regular work-at-home, among the non-self-employed population, has grown by 140% since 2005, nearly 10x faster than the rest of the workforce or the self-employed. 4.3 million employees (3.2% of the workforce) now work from home at least half the time. Wow, that’s a large sum of people. How do you get in on this?

A few months ago, while working for a government contractor, I realized I had to get out. I couldn’t stand sitting in the same place in the same quiet, awkward, open-office layout. It felt like there was constantly tension in the air to be cut. 3 feet behind my monitor was my desk-neighbor, 3 feet behind me was another coworker, 3 feet to the right, another. I felt stressed, tensed and like I was constantly being watched.

It reminded me of - this onion article

I work remotely full-time now and although I usually wear pants, they are totally optional. I can blare Post Malone and not have to worry about annoying anyone (except the neighbors). If I want to run out for coffee, I can. As long as I’m getting my work done, I can be fairly flexible with my schedule. Being remote, I feel that I am judged more on my output. I’m pushed to get more done, because that’s the one of the only things that my coworkers will see. In a traditional work environment, showing up to work can feel like work is getting done — it’s not. I much prefer being judged on my output than my input.

Here are the websites I scoured every day for a month that led to my remote job:

FlexJobs is one of the best remote job boards I’ve found with jobs in many industries, not just IT. FlexJobs does charge around 15 bucks a month for access to its site, but if you find a dream job working remotely, I think that’s well worth it!

RemoteOk is actually a side project of Pieter Levels, founder of and remote work enthusiast. RemoteOk mostly focuses on development and engineering jobs, although they do have a category for non-engineering/tech jobs.

Stack Overflow is a network of websites formatted in question and answer format for many topics. Plenty of big companise advertise here and StackOverflow is a good board to check regularly. Although they don’t exclusively advertise remote jobs, check the ‘Remote Only’ box off when you search and you’re on your way.

We Work Remotely looks like just a small website aggregating remote jobs, but they do boast having 2.5 million monthly visitors. (I wish I had that many…)

The jobs posted here vary from SysAdmin and DevOps Roles to Sales and Marketing, Design, Copy writing and more! This is a good one to watch.

Skip The Drive has a variety of jobs posted in a simple format. I’d recommend this one.

GitHub, the famous web-hosting service Git version-control, has its own job board — and it’s not too bad either! Type ‘remote’ into location and enjoy.

I actually haven’t personally used this site a ton and I think you need an account to get the full benefits, but it’s worth a look!

Authentic jobs describes itself as “The leading job board for designers, developers, and creative pros.” If you fit that category, great!

Hacker News is a tech news site similar to Reddit. Every month, there are jobs (remote and in-office) posted. - is an interface to easily browse those threads. Micah Wylde is the creator

Truly a believer in the ‘digital nomad’ life-style, Working Nomads has a wealth of job postings in many industries.

Honorable Mentions

The below might contain contract or freelance work

UpWork is a gig board and there are plenty of small projects and opportunities on the site. You probably won’t find a remote job, but you never know where connections can lead you!

Btw, I built an Upwork scraper called EarlyBrd 😉

Similar to UpWork, Freelancer is focused on gig-based work in just about any industry. This can be a great resource for intermittent work.

How many postings on Craigslist’s ‘Computer Gigs’ section can be done remotely? You might want to get creative with this one, but I think there’s value there.

These are just a few of the sites and resources out there for finding remote employment. This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it’s enough to get you started!

No one website will find your perfect job, it will take commitment and hard-work, like anything else. However, I’m confident that anyone who is determined enough and willing to work can find remote employment and change their life!

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